Too weird.
2003-09-13 09:50:51 ET

I had the strangest evening at work last night.
The whole time I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me. And no, I am not talking about the security cams. At one point while I was filling collers I actually had to stop filling the 7-up cooler because this really strange feeling came over me all of a sudden. I walked over to the other side of the store to the front counter and my co-worker, who I thought was taking the garbage out was standing there as if he had been for minutes. I didn't even know he had come back in the store.
When I was counting the registers there were a lot of strange coincidences. Register B was exactly $100 over(more than likely an employee error). When I was counting Reg. A, I did the usual- count up to $100 starting with the change, then one, etc, and I ended up with the five, one and change adding up to exactly $100. When i counted up the rest of the money in the draewr it was exactly $400, plus there were two credit slips for 36.39 and 36.36. When I added all the drops for the day the total was 2220.00. There were waaaaaaaay too many round numbers.

And to top off all this strangeness... I had a dream about my Nana who past away this past November. In the dream I was running a small business, and i was counting the cash in the registers and something when wrong and my Nana turned to me and told me 'it's alright!' with a big grin and laugh, and hugged me. I instantly started crying, in the dream, and woke up at that moment sobbing. I also realized at that moment that her birthday was just 3 days ago.

2003-09-14 20:05:01 ET


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