i feel neglected...
2003-09-14 19:08:06 ET

My sister got a new computer today. I am angry.
Why am I so angry, you ask?
The one she had worked just fine. I just spent hours fixing it. I could have been doing other, more important things with my time.
Plus, since my whole family is computer illiterate I had to put the new computer together, hook up her ethernet, figure out why her speakers wouldn't work, install some shit, and all I really went to her dorm for was to see my parents because lord knows they were not going to stop by my apartment before going home.
Am I jealous? Sure, as shit.
All she has to do is whimper and they give her anything she wants. I might beg and get nothing.

Maybe I'm jsut upset because my own father, my daddy, didn't even say more than a sentence to me today.

So, I know I shouldn't really piss and moan because I am very fortunate to have all I have, and very thankful at that. I just forget sometimes.
What really upsets me most is seeing my parents just throw money at my sister for things she doesn't need. She just wants something because "so-and-so has one" and she doesn't.
I know my mom throws around money like it grows on trees but it doesn't mean my sister should take advantage of that.

2003-09-14 19:25:58 ET

awww :'( *hugs*
sounds pretty sucky

2003-09-14 19:29:09 ET

It is.
Thanks for the hug. I needed it. :)
I need to get out of this crappy mood.

2003-09-14 19:34:32 ET

yea... its no problem :-)... love hugs personally... i really do hope ya gets ta feelin' better...

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