Duh duh dun
2003-09-15 18:43:57 ET

The things I've learned today:

I really hate writing lab reports.
6 hours of sleep is just not enough.
But evening naps are the best.
Lectures notes on Volume Defects in Crystalline Solids are very difficult to decipher after you slept through half the class period.
The sneezies hurt.
And stuffy noses do too.
Economics is, and always will be, boring.
Seeing friends you haven't seen in a long time is absolutely wonderful.
The Mew thoroughly enjoys a good brushing.
And is strangely attracted to the pattern on my bed sheets.

2003-09-15 18:45:07 ET

6 hours of sleep is more than enough... catch up on sleep when you die!

2003-09-15 18:49:46 ET

evening naps are so relaxing.

2003-09-15 18:58:44 ET


I can get by with 7, even 5 hours of sleep, but for some reason 6 just doesn't do anything for me.

2003-09-15 19:12:51 ET

good things to learn

2003-09-15 21:15:45 ET

I have one to ad to my list:
How to play poker.

--cuz hw is just way to boring.

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