I think I have frostbite.
2003-10-01 17:50:14 ET

What's with this weather here?!
I mean, I know it's Michigan and it's usually rather cool compared to other states but 33 degrees F and sleet/snow October 1st?!?! Mother nature needs to take another look at her calendar. She's about a month and a half off.

Anyhoo. Had a soccer game tonight. We won 3-1! Woo!
I feel like someone beat the crap out of me. I definitely need to play soccer more often. I fell flat on my face twice during tonight's game. The first time I was just running along and tripped.
WHAM! I am SO graceful.
The second time I was actually body slammed from behind by some big guy. I flew up a few feet and came down hard. My ribs hurt. And my back too. Oof!

Off to study for my material science test! Wish me luck! I certainly need it!

2003-10-01 18:52:19 ET

i wish i could play soccer. once i grew boobs i started to suck at anything athletic.

2003-10-02 05:48:49 ET

I got lucky. I think. Boob-wise, I really don't have much.

2003-10-02 09:14:49 ET

well, i'm not a big fan of boobs anyway. i prefer a nice figure, everything in proportion, to a huge rack any day.

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