2003-10-04 19:01:35 ET

I got a new cell phone and servie today. I looooove the $200 phone that I got for $50!!, but the servie kinda stinks because it's the all-digital plan-thingy. It's still new in Michigan so it's not the best just yet.

I'm mega-cranky and bored. I need to occupy myself with something.

2003-10-04 19:06:48 ET

wished i had somethin' to un-bore you... coolness bout the new phone... never gotten a cell phone yet... (don't think i'd like for everyone to have the ability to call me all the time O_o)

2003-10-04 20:46:36 ET

i don't think anybody really calls me accept my roomie my boyfriend and sometimes my mom. heh

2003-10-04 21:40:50 ET

yea but my mom would annoy the hell out of me if i had a cell phone... love her... but sometimes it's best for certain people not to get ahold of you anytime they want 2 O_o...

2003-10-05 07:54:04 ET

i know what you mean. that is a pretty good reason not to get a cell phone.

2003-10-05 15:32:55 ET

yea... she'd call me like none stop... and just considering the fact when i'm not home... i usually won't come home for quite a few days... or so...
so its best that people not know where i am at...

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