Is the semster over yet?
2003-10-13 10:52:04 ET

I hate school. :(
I got a 11.5/30 on my deformable solids test, and a whopping 117/200 on my materials science test.
Way to go Kim. I'm going to have to work my ass off to do better. It's really not that I'm doing bad, it's just that my Profs for those classes are dicks! I put forth enough work and effort to atleast have gotten 80% or better on the exams but these two Profs purposely make their tests extremely difficult then when you make even a minor math error you lose 70% of the points.
When life bites you in the ass, it's always best to bite it back twice as hard and kick it for good measure.

On a better note, I had a nice weekend. I got to go home to my cousin Oliver's 1st B-day party. That was a good time. Saw my grandparents before they went back to Arizona for the winter. And spent ample time with the boyfriend. :)
I'm also hoping I get this internship with the Monsanto Company(they make Round-up and bio-engineer seeds). My chances are slim but it would be awfully sweet to live in Georgia or Lousiana for 6 months.

Well, my two lab reports and deformables hw aren't going to get done on their own. Oh and that mid-term in econ and that presentation? They'll just have to wait till tomorrow, I guess. Boy I wish it were thursday, all of this would be over.

Uncle Ray's Mustard & Onion flavored "Coney" Potato Chips rock my world!

2003-10-13 11:06:22 ET

wow tis sounds like you have a lot 2 do O_o... (math is satan)(math has so many ways to solve some of the problems... so the fact that you can get so many dif. answer wouldn't that make it untheoretical? of course i'm thinkin' of some of the higher things of algebra...) not sure what kinda math class you are in... i just know i hated that shiznit... it could be easy... it was just the fact it got so annoying have to solve stuff in weird obscene ways...

2003-10-13 15:58:09 ET

math is totally satan!
I had to go all the way through calculus 4. Don't even get me started on all the ways to solve problems in calc 4...ugh!

2003-10-14 11:21:30 ET

O_o yea sounds like pure evil... chaos as a theory would equal math O_o

2003-10-14 12:22:11 ET

times ten.

2003-10-14 12:27:31 ET

O_o haha

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