2003-10-16 18:18:58 ET

This week has totally sucked.
I haven't had a good nights sleep since sunday and i'm pooped! I have had 8 billion things to do for classes. I'm going to tear my hair out if i have to do another lab report in the next 3 days. Work absolutely stunk today. Everyone is getting yelled at for stupid bs so everyone is blaming everyone else for things. It's stupid. Also, we had to clean*10^6 because they are filming a commmercial at the store tomorrow. woo! I won't get to be in it though.
my group presentation on Comm. Technology went well today. That is always a plus. And the intramural soccer team i play on made it to play-offs cuz we rock.

I need to go see my doctor. i have this horrible spot in my back between my spine and shoulder blade that consists of about 4 knots that haven't gone away in 3 months. often-times when i'm lying in bed it likes to spasm. just recently i pinched a nerve somewhere and my forearm is numb. today it hurts so bad i can't turn my head all the way to the right side. i'm figuring it's all related somehow, but alass i probably won't go see my doctor for atleast a few more weeks because i'm a bum.

time to finish off my karmelsutra ice cream then hit the hay! :)

2003-10-16 18:22:52 ET


2003-10-16 20:01:25 ET

Ben and Jerry's!
It's chocolate ice and carmel ice cream surrounding a center of yummy carmel.

2003-10-18 22:00:21 ET


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