ramblings of an angered engineering student...
2003-10-21 09:03:48 ET

I HATE computer labs and computer lab printers. Hate hate hate hate...
This printer better be damn glad i don't have a bat. I'd beat the shit out of it. I'd probably end up with a hefty fine and have to spend some nights in an anger management course, but right now that seems a small prices to pay to get my lab report printed.

Bah. I worked 4.5 hours last night on another lab report i thought was due today. i found out at 10pm i didn't ahve to do it. I was angred, but I got to go play soccer and that rocked. I pulled a muscle in the hip area though and i'm in mega-pain. :(

I should get back to work...

2003-10-21 09:40:44 ET

i have to say i love the pic w/the mustache

2003-10-21 12:05:39 ET

i'm controlling myself on correcting your spelling... haha

2003-10-21 12:08:30 ET

blessed>> haha thank you!

Jolie>> yeah, yeah, shut up.

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