2003-11-14 03:24:07 ET

Happy Birthday to me! :)

2003-11-14 03:54:39 ET

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear... (sorry don't know your name ::sniffles:::)
happy birthday to you :-D

how old tis ya?

2003-11-14 05:05:06 ET

yay happy birthday.

2003-11-14 08:45:49 ET

Happs Birthday!

2003-11-14 10:24:23 ET

happy womb liberation day!

2003-11-14 10:47:18 ET

aww Thank yous all around! :D

It's my 21st! Jolie and I are having what should be quite the shindig!

2003-11-15 17:11:33 ET

i hope you have fun at this 'shindig' :-)
21st... sounds like much alcohol will be purchased

2003-11-18 19:48:54 ET

happy belated birthday!

2003-11-19 12:44:52 ET

thank you! :)

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