2003-12-05 08:02:56 ET

I just came to the realization that I reeeeeally hate the computer labs in the engineering building. They're smelly and hot! I fully expect them to be hot...but smelly? It must be all the students that sit in here all night and day trying to get their work all their unbathed glory. peew.

i have the worst pain in my back/shoulder but i have no money to buy food so i can eat so i can take my pills. :(

one more class to go then the semester is over! woohoo! *dances around the lab*

2003-12-05 08:07:33 ET

haha loser

2003-12-05 08:19:03 ET

that's it! jsut wait 'til i got home young lady!

p.s.-will/can you pick me up after class? i'd love you forever and ever.

2003-12-05 08:26:25 ET

maybe, what time? i have an important date with my bed. care to join me?

2003-12-05 08:38:27 ET



2003-12-05 08:38:44 ET

give me a jingle hoe.

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