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2003-12-05 11:31:08 ET

Gather 'round kids it's story time!
The title of this story is:

The Little Dickweed Who Shall Have His Ass Beat
I wandered into my deformable solids class today and pondered leaving after i turned in my homework and filled out the class survey forms, but i decided to stay since it was the last day of class and we were having a review. Shortly, my prof walked in set downhis things and announced to the class, "we have something to discuss. i am really upset with this class."
After a few moments passed, and some murmurs from the class, he continued, "On October 25th some entered my office and stole my solutions manual. Ever since this day the TA and I have been collecting evidence from homeworks 7-11 and we have a list of names. The people on this list are those who have copied solutions from the manual. Those who have copied exactly word for word(even the spacing on the page was the same) and have done so for EVERY homework are at the top." This created quite a buzz since almost everyone has copied some of the solutions from the book because the TA leaves his solutions manual out in the help room and also writes the problems up on the board.
My prof continued saying "I am extremely angry and i want my book back by 5pm tonight. This list will be taken to the dean of the college and she will govern what will happen to those individuals who have copied the homework. Copying is grounds for being expelled from this university."
At this point the class was shifting in their seats. He proceeded to discuss with us that "this has prompted him to find out who knows the material and who doesn't" so he is designing the final so that he can figure it out. AND there will be no curve this year. Normally, he said, after finals he makes it 75%+ get 4.0 rather than the straight scale of 90%+. This became rather angry and many were speaking out about it being unfair to those who have worked hard. My Prof's response was "if you ahve worked hard and know what you are doing then you will do fine." But what about people like me? I have worked my rear off and i STILL don't get it! Everyone in the class just kept saying "let the guilty burn for what they did, but don't bring everyone else down with them!"
Considering that the class average is already a 2.5 and a 2.0 is the minimum grade for passing(below that the prof only gives 0.0)i am fairly sure that half the class will fail. Those in the class that didn't steal the book or have knowledge of who stole it are going to start a witch hunt.

2003-12-05 11:32:34 ET

i stole a book! you sound pretty lady!

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