2004-01-03 19:39:10 ET

a customer told me i am bootylicious today. all i could say was "excuse me?". he promptly exited.

i went to see jeff last night. we went out to a couple bars. i ordered a long island at the first bar and the waitress told me there was a 2 drink limit on them because they're so strong, i just brushed it off and ordered anyway. she wasn't kidding. i sniffed it and it floored me. i had to get a glass of coke to mix it with just so i could stand to drink it. i still couldn't finish it.
anyway, long story short, we ended up at The Lockeroom and they gave us some sticks to beat on things with and make noise. I had to fight the temptation to chuck them across the bar at this obnoxious bar tender the whole time.
we went to 7-11 on the way home and the little foreign man working there gave me a free hotdog. Yum!

2004-01-04 19:20:42 ET


he gave you a free hotdog?!!?!? LMAO

i'm picturing this little foreign man speaking in an accent saying something little "free weiner for pretty lady!"

2004-01-05 18:41:26 ET

that's pretty much how it went. except he tossed it at me and said "two for one! haha!"

2004-01-06 09:45:14 ET


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