because my homework doesn't need to be done tonight...
2004-01-20 14:08:00 ET

1) spell out your name with band names
Blind Melon
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Yoakam, Dwight

2) have you ever had a song written about you? Nada.
3) what song makes you cry? "It's your song" Garth Brooks
4) what song makes you happy? "Pretty Flamingo" Queers

height: 5'7"
hair color: brown
skin color: pale
eye color: green
piercings: yep
tattoos: yep

what color pants are you wearing? lt. blue jeans
what song are you listening to? nada.
what taste is in your mouth? salmon. mmm.
how are you? good. you?
do you get motion sickness? yep.
have a bad habit? a few.
get along with your parents? yes.
like to drive? not today. drove a lot this weekend.

non alcoholic drink: anything with cranberry juice in it.
alcoholic drink: long island iced tea, Icewine.
thing to do on the weekend: spending time with Jeff.
have you broken the law: yes.
ran away from home: no.
snuck out of the house: yes.
ever gone skinny dipping: yes.
skipped school before: yes.
been in a school play: yes. A Christmas play, I was an angel.

your cd player has in it right now: Nothing.
when/what was the last time you cried: A few months ago maybe?
you got e-mail: No thanks. I just refilled my viagra prescription for this month and I don't need a larger penis. It's big enough.
thing you purchased: veggie wrap and chips.
your thoughts on teenage smoking: smoking is totally awesome dude. but not really.
spice girls: no.
dreams: i've been having some creepy ones lately. about spiders. BIG ones.

2004-01-20 14:31:40 ET

Mxpx + Garth Brooks.... goooood job with that! <3

Ugh spiders creep me out

2004-01-20 18:40:22 ET

i have a strange taste in music. lol

I am terrified of spiders. I couldn't sleep for an hour after waking up from that dream!

2004-01-20 18:50:41 ET

Me too! Go us.

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