fuck you.
2004-02-16 19:15:14 ET

i don't understand it. i just don't. when you own a computer, one you use everyday, you normally know what your computer does right? i mean, you might actually play the functions and maybe even look at that little user guide thingy. not my sister.
i'm under the impression that a gorilla could operate a computer better than her and even manage to not get a virus every other day even though the computer is equipped with an updated version of norton. i haven't had any anti-virus software in like 4 years and i've never gotten a virus. i duno. i'm just really pissed off right now. i could go on for about 3 hours but i'm not. i'm going to take a deep breath and i'm going to go lay down with my shoulder(which hurts like bloody-fucking-hell right now from all this tension) on a heating pad taking a great big pain killer then wake up to another day of classes, my sister's nagging, having to deal with stupid companies that offer terrible customer support and even worse products and cuss a lot.

2004-02-16 19:23:01 ET

O_o ouch... not sound like very great days...

errr... yea... people are constantly fuckin' up the computer... at my house O_o... i swear i'd think they'd start to notice what not to do by now... and not get a virus... but yet they'll still do it... O_o... it blows my mind...

sorry about your day *hugs*... i hope somethin' good happens... break away from the norm...

2004-02-16 20:20:28 ET

If you don't have any virus software at all... don't be surprised if when you do get some... that there is a bunch of viruses you don't know about... There is some viruses that won't effect the day-to-day functions of your machine, but will have long-term effects.

I have up-to-date virus scanners. I go to some websites that automatically install viruses, without the scanners I would have these viruses. I am very good with computers. So.. I suggest getting some sort of virus scanner... just in case.

2004-02-16 20:22:55 ET

(agrees with wiggle)... but i just ignore the long term ones... cause eventually i'm gonna have to restore the system anyways... i just try to make it last as long as i can... without havin' to spend money O_o

2004-02-17 09:19:31 ET

hahahah, so i take it last night went well? :P next time you go over there to fix it, just heave it out the window and be like "you are not fit to own a computer therefore i am doing you a favor" and walk out. that would be neat.

i'm leaving you again tonight to go to my boys... i'm hellbent on making up for my crappy weekend. i'll be home tomorrow (weds) around 1:30. i don't work until 6 so if you need to be picked up on campus or anything let me know. we can have a hot date or something. bow chicka chicka bow wow.

2004-02-17 20:11:54 ET

Apollyon- i know the feeling. before my sis left for college she would let anyone and everyone use our family computer and it was just a mess. we had to tell people not to touch it after a while becuase i was sick of fixing it.

wiggles- if i have any i haven't noticed. i constantly have proxomitron running and it filters a lot of junk, plus i like to run adaware and this other free virus scan every once in a while to check for anything major and i'm pretty smart about my internet usage. i'm not one to click on random links or download any strange files. and not being on a large network like my sister's computer is is always a plus.

jolie- are you ever home? i miss you.
i told lindsay she should just toss it from the 12th floor the pee on it.

2004-02-18 06:03:10 ET

I know not downloading strange files. But because of flaws in IE browser it is possible to download a file by just visiting a site. They do this through either cookies, or the image files you must download to view a site... It has happened to me a few times but the virus scanner picks them up.

2004-02-18 08:30:27 ET

kim i'm home now but WHERE ARE YOU? sheesh. :P

2004-02-18 17:26:50 ET

Wiggles- i know it's possible and thank you for the warning. i think if i used my computer for more than just piddling around on the net here and there i would actually invest in anti-wirus software.

jolie!!!!!! wtf mate?^^ now i'm home and you are MIA! :D

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