me and my boone's.
2004-03-10 15:15:57 ET

I'm especially bitter today. don't mind me.

In 1969, the first men walked on the moon.
And now Bush is looking to send someone to Mars?
In 1964, the Civil Rights Act was amended to include gender.
Today, sexual preference?
In the 70's, abortion became legal in some states.
But now they're trying to take that right away.
Also in the 70's, Women, minorities, and gays increasingly demanded full legal equality and privileges in society and Affirmative action became a controversial policy.
In 1962, a spy plane identified long range missiles in Cuba and President John F. Kennedy readied troops to invade.
Atleast they actually found proof "weapons of mass destruction" beforehand.
In the 60's, problems in secondary schools initiated a return to the teaching of basic thinking skills.
Hold on, let me turn off the tv/video game i was watching/playing i don't think i heard you mean to tell me that reading books and solving those pesky story problems are supposed to help me form basic thinking and communication skills? damn.
The 60's were a time for increased awareness of the environment.
Perhaps we've grown tired of that.

why are we still dealing with the same issues 30-40 years later?
the youth of the 60's and 70's are among the present leaders of the US. maybe that has something to do with it.
Maybe it's because as much as we would like to believe that we can "change the world" we can't. It is impossible to change the minds and behavior of everyone.
Maybe we should have payed attention in history class after your teacher told us "we learn about history so we won't make the same mistakes in the future".
Maybe we need to remove our heads from our asses.

please feel free to offer your explanation...i'm open to any.

the views and opinions expressed on this page are well...mine.
any above accusations have been made of the general public...not specificaly you, not your mother, father, brother, bestfriend, pet, etc.

2004-03-10 15:40:51 ET

The liberal youth of the 60s and 70s turned into the Yuppie Clintoniod Monsters that fuck up our lives today.

2004-03-10 16:12:18 ET

my dog was totally offended by this statement!!

but yea i do think it's stupid... and yea i do realize that things aren't right.. but i just don't really feel like i have the power to change anything
and even if i could... what would be takin' away to make that possible!?!... there is a price for everything... and sometimes it's not worth the price...
(speaking up is such a great idea)... just wished i cared enough to do it... money is power... and i'm not power...
end statement

2004-03-11 07:24:49 ET

poor pup, atleast he/she has it easier than we do. be a pet. eat, sleep, crap, play, repeat. lol

Some days i sit here thinking "whoa, someone really needs to stand up and say something about what's going on!" But then I realize a lot of people already are but nobody is listening, or they're being drowned out by the media. More of the little voices need to get togther and take a stand and form one big one voice. But everyone knows that it's to the point were the majority doesn't care to do that anymore. They already feel like they've lost.

2004-03-11 10:08:14 ET

(yea dog's are lucky :::snaps:::)

as far as politics and law go... yea i pretty much do feel like i already lost... i don't have the money and the power... these people make there money by screwin' people over... and that's not gonna change...
cause well money rules the world... despite the popular belief..
just wished i didn't feel like that... cause it'd be nice to try to do somethin'
but even if i did... i wouldn't know what the most important thing would be to stand up for... too many things that are wrong...

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