yakkitty-yakk! don't talk back!
2004-04-06 07:08:00 ET

bleeehhhh blehhh nehhh nehhhh nehhh [singing...sorta]
surprisingly, i'm in quite a good mood today. i have labs all day then two tests to cram for...i'm feeling a bout of grumpiness coming at roughly 6pm.

it looks shitty as hell outside and i hope it doesn't rain. although it is a whopping 48 degrees F and we should be pushing 62 today. YAY!

physical therapy sucked this morning. i hate when i go there painless and leave with a shooting pain down my arm.
not fun.
i stopped on my way home from physcial therapy and bought mcdonald's breakfast for me and jolie. it was terribly delicious but now my gut is churning. woo.

egh. lab time.

2004-04-06 07:09:42 ET

Pain means you're working the muscles!

and is mcdonalds breakfast still good? i haven't had it in over 5 years.....

2004-04-06 09:49:14 ET

omg kim my stomach hurts tooooo... hahaha. it was SOOO GOOOOOOOOD though. *dies*

2004-04-06 16:59:10 ET

the muscle pain/soreness is tolerable, i don't notice it. it is the pain in the shoulder joint from the bursitis/torn cardilage/whatever-my-doctor(s)-can-think-up-next that really hurts beyond belief. :(

btw mcdonald's breakfast is the best thing on earth! nice and greasy and gut-wrenching mmmmmm

2004-04-07 06:57:20 ET

sometimes you just need a handheld heart attack though!

2004-04-07 10:31:32 ET

lol! indeed you do.

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