i think i eat worse than most bums...
2004-04-06 17:11:10 ET

i just comsumed half a package of frozen spinach. and i enjoyed it.

that is so sad. thinking about it now is making my stomach churn. i need an in-apartment chef. or to atleast go graocery shopping.


2004-04-06 17:21:41 ET

nah you know what you should do? Go chase squirrels with HUGE sticks and when you finally get one you can cook it up in your appartment, in the corner over a flame, with the squirrel on a knife.

2004-04-06 17:38:04 ET

jolie saw a squirrel eating cake outisde our apartment the other day. i need to find that one. i bet it's plump.

2004-04-06 19:48:33 ET

Mmmmmm fat squirrels. Lol I bet if you hung round outside a Wendys theyd give you random food. OR you could pretend to be a bum and get free food that way ;)

2004-04-07 04:21:07 ET

sometimes i give bums free pizza at work so they'll leave. they're stinky.

i think i'll try hanging out at fast food places at closing time. they must have extra food lying around.

2004-04-07 07:30:16 ET

Yea they do, cept wendys they don't have premade food so good luck there. Just ask for the trash chicken strips/nugs/fries theyre only like 15-30 min old tops. Yea the bums are stinky but I'm not allowed to give em shit to go away...

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