finals. complete.
2004-05-07 07:41:42 ET

i'm sooo bored.

last cigarette: crap. i duno. i don't smoke.
last kiss: tuesday morning when jeff went to work.
last good cry: within the last 6 months, maybe.
last library book checked out: a textbok from the engineering library
last movie seen: Big Fish
last book read: Dude Where's My Country, Michael Moore
last cuss word uttered: the last i remember was "FUCK!" when i couldn't find we seat for an exam.
last beverage drank: milk.
last food consumed: english muffins with honey.
last phone call: Jeff to say goodnight.
last tv show watched: some of CSI last night.
last shoes worn: FLIP FLOPS! :)
last cd played: incubus, a crow left of the murder
last item bought: a burger and fries from wendy's.
last downloaded: AVG a month or two ago.
last annoyance: driving to erica's this morning.
last disappointment: with the apartment office manager.
last soda drank: pepsi, while cramming.
last thing handwritten: Vout = (-2)Vdc Volts
last word spoken: "aww what a pretty mew"
last sleep: last night
last im: kyle
last weird encounter: some guy in my ece class got up in front of the class and started impersonating our crazy-ass Prof. werid, but funny.
last ice cream eaten: FUDGE-SICLES!!
last amused: this morning before my exam (see Weird encounter)
last time in love: now
last time hugged: monday
last time scolded: i duno, maybe by jolie, or jeff, or my mom.
last chair sat in: stupid rolling chair. it hurts my butt.
last lipstick used: lip gloss...a while ago?
last shirt worn: grey tank.
last time dancing: a few weeks.
last poster looked at: beer posters at the bar, i suppose.
last show attended: ...crap. i don't even remember.
last webpage visited: sk.
1 HOUR AGO: leaving my ece exam.
1 DAY AGO: just starting my supply chain mgmt exam.
1 WEEK AGO: working.
1 YEAR AGO: moving into my apt.

current clothes: tank top, jeans, old old old sweatshirt w/ holes in the arm pits.
current mood: overjoyed.
current music: afi.
current taste: tongue + saliva.
current hair: ponytail-ish. my hair is short and some fell from the pony tail.
current annoyance: knowing i have to go to work shortly.
current smell: me.
current thing I should be doing: showering.
current desktop picture: a pic of jeff and I.
current refreshment: none.
current worry: env. eng. exam score.

1. What do you most like about your body? my boobs!
2. And least? my behind.
3. How many fillings do you have?: 5,6,7...i duno.
4. Do you think you're good looking?: depends on the day. i'm feeling a little plain right now.
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? jeff does.

2004-05-07 14:29:46 ET

last disappointment: with the apartment office manager

did something happen? will you find out if we need our parents signatures tomorrow cause the lease has 4 spaces. also will you ask about the pet fee cause they didnt write it in the lease either. if we need out parents signatures i will take it home when i dogsit and get them.

see you tomorrow pookie <3

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