i loves the fuzzy critters.
2004-06-23 16:26:11 ET

i have been completely neglecting my subkulture updating duties. bleh. I've been worried about this shoulder surgery coming up. I realized last night just how much stuff I won't be able to do the way I usually do. Simple stuff- sleeping, writing, brushing my teeth, putting my hair in a pony tail, washing my hair, shaving my left armpit, tying my shoes(it's not like i do anyway, but what if i start?), eating, commanding my radio remote in the car, dressing...shit...anything done with my right hand/arm! No work for maybe 2-3 weeks.:(

time to share my cute critter story...
i was rollerblading earlier when i saw the tiniest little critter wandering along the sidewalk on one of the busiest roads in E.Lansing- it was a baby racoon. It was completelyly disoriented and scared as hell and was just wandering in circles. I was scared to death that the mom was going to jump out of the brush any second and eat my face so I just hurried past as it hissed at me a little bit. Then my heart just dropped to my stomache. It was one of the saddest, most real things I'd ever seen. This little baby wandering around in a place that was completely unfamiliar looking for it's mom, who may be dead for all i know, probably hungry and scared to death. Then I thought 'hey dipshit there's a fire station right across the street'. The guy in the office chuckled a little when i skated up to his window and motioned for him to come outside. I told him about it then asked if he could send animal control to come out to pick it up, or do whatever they do with little lost critters, for the baby's own protection and all the sidewalk users. I sure hope he did and some rotten biker didn't scare it into the street or try to kill it. It is a raccoon after all, the King Pest of all pests in my book, so maybe I shouldn't care so much. It was too heartbreaking not to though.

2004-06-24 04:37:28 ET

now future trashcans will be tipped over because of you.

2004-06-24 15:58:16 ET

there are always these huge raccoons in the dumpster where i work. but for some reason they're not afraid of us.

if only i could have kept the poor thing. maybe if i didn't live in an apt in the middle of the city? then i could teach it all sorts of rotten things.

2004-06-24 21:57:18 ET

I don't care how many of my cans they tip over, the babies are still so cute. :D

2004-06-25 08:51:06 ET

damn those cute headed trash tippers.

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