2004-08-24 18:53:00 ET

I bought the sweetest gadget EVER today!
Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter

You plug it into your MP3 player headphone jack, tune your radio to the right frequency, press the 'on' button and the son-of-a-bitch plays your music. This thing is sweeeet! AND I got it for only $20 at Target today!

2004-08-24 19:06:13 ET

Thats real cheap for being so damn rad....

.... and your avatar FREAKS me out lol

2004-08-24 20:43:39 ET

i know! i can't wait to drive to work tomorrow just so i can use it in my car!

that cat is a force to reckon with, i was sure i was going to get my face eaten when he got so close.

2004-08-24 20:53:39 ET

It works in your car too!!!! Holy crap....

LOL... it looks like some... scary thingy that would be really mean and have an ugly loud screaming voice.... *shudders and hides under blankey*

2004-09-23 22:45:24 ET

but if you dont use it with an iPod all is lost

2004-09-24 09:09:55 ET

i'm too cheap to buy an ipod but i would love to have one. the mp3 player i have only holds about 35 songs or so. i got it on clearance! woo!

2004-09-24 14:40:44 ET

you can get used old-school iPod's that still work great and hold at least a thousand songs for at most 100 these days

i got one that holds about 3000 songs for 95 a few months back off ebay

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