2004-10-17 18:22:27 ET

I should be studying. egh. I would rather procrastinate.

Went to the bar for some late night food and a couple drinks with Jolie and Jeff and our old roomie Katie. We watched Saved after coming home. Mandy Moore is so hilarious in that movie. We've watched it 3 times this week. I got totally sidetracked there. So, as I was saying- I woke up this morning and my entire right side hurt! My sinuses were completely stuffed, my ear hurt, my neck hurt, my back muscles were sore[mostly from Physical therapy] and I've been having back spasms ALL DAY! My half-ass muscle relaxers aren't cutting it either. :( I didn't think it was possible to feel so crappy.

I had the weirdest dreams last night.
I was a firefighter and something terrible happened and all these people died but we couldn't figure out whose body part was whose because most of the flesh was gone and the remains were covered in something so that nobody could really touch them so they held this mass funeral. During the funeral all the firefighters were sitting at a large long table talking and one of my fellow firefighters was Kirstie Alley[I mean, wtf? Who dreams about her?]. Then we went and joined everyone at the funeral. At the end somebody anounced "Everyone, please close your eyes and turn away so you do not have to see this. I'm sorry if anything got on your clothing. And on you way out remember you may catch the #6 bus that will take you to the #1 downtown," then they dumped all the bodies into a huge dumpster looking thing and I didn't turn away but all I could really see were the skulls everything else just blurred in the background. Afterwards I was talking to one of the fellows who lost a family member, I realized then that all these people that died and their families were immigrants/illegal aliens. It troubled me.

I also had a dream that Jolie and I went to a roller-rink and Jolie bought rollerskates that changed color whenever she moved and she practiced skating in the apartment. She was reeeeally excited about them.
Somewhere in that dream I also rescued a pumpkin from a ditch and stepped in dog crap that looked like butter with a brown coating because we fed the dog too much fatty food.
So fucking weird.

2004-10-17 18:36:23 ET

I'm sorry this has nothing to do with your post, but your kitty nose avatar is the cutest thing I've seen on SK. ^_^

2004-10-17 18:54:53 ET

haha thank you! '
I love all your animal pictures in your gallery they're all so cute and fuzzy. Except for the stickbugs- they are so creepy to me!

2004-10-17 18:56:24 ET

(They were creepy to me too. But.. Now they're dead. ^_^' )

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