2004-10-17 21:09:09 ET

What is up with boys these days?
So far too many gals I know have had their boyfriends turn from lovey-dovey-i-love-you-need-you-can't-be-without-you to i-don't-love-you-let's-be-friends-i'm-a-fucking-retard-because-i-think-all-my-personal-probs-are-a-direct-result-of-this-relationship-but-i-can't-see-it-because-my-head-is-so-far-up-my-ass.
It's like the plague! >_<

2004-10-17 22:24:31 ET

All the same age group doing that?

2004-10-18 10:39:09 ET

Pretty much...early to mid twenties, all in college. Basically, all are at about the same point in their lives even though their ages differ a little.

2004-10-18 10:44:52 ET

I used to think that it was a consistant misunderstanding of their world that didn't clarify until 26+. I'm starting to think there maybe a hormone involved that encourages them to have offspring that will meet their criteria and then they rejudge their current significant other. Women get this much earilier. Example would be when you meet a member of the opposite sex and think "will this person be a good parent" versus "will this person please me in bed".

2004-10-18 15:19:58 ET

I kind of figured there was just something in the water here in Michigan.

2004-10-18 15:25:02 ET

There's water in Michigan?

2004-10-19 16:41:54 ET

seems like it's frozen solid most of the year, but yes.

2004-11-04 18:55:39 ET




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