I love Canada.
2004-11-04 18:53:23 ET

For the past few years I've pondered the idea of relocating to Canada. I go there frquently for little trips here and there and I know a few people that live(d) there. This really hasn't much to do with the recent elections and everything else related to the politics of this country that I have seen or heard completely over-debated these past few months. The horse is dead; seriously.
It's mostly that I just love Canada. I love the people and everything else about that country. Canada, will you marry me?
I'm even down with the metric system. My car has a little button that switches my digital speedometer to Km, so I LOVE taking my when we go to CAN just so I can use it. I'm a loser.
I told my mom over a year ago that when I finish my degree(s) I really want to move there. Jeff has expressed intrest too. It's still close enough to my parent's that I can visit often. Canada should just take over Michigan. Honestly, I've never felt too attached to the US anyway. All of my Great-grandparents were immigrants.

2004-11-11 10:05:37 ET

much more on this later today

2004-11-13 00:05:06 ET

Well I am originally from Australia,so I live the KM dream everyday.I dont understand Miles.I am just a little too lazy to work it all out.

Goodluck with whatever you plan to do.
p.s I'm Jen,i saw you on Jolie's page.I hope you had a great birthday.

2004-11-13 07:57:45 ET

All I know is 1 mile is equal to 1.6 Km
Km make me feel like I'm getting farther faster when I'm driving in CAN. It makes driving much more enjoyable for me. hah

My birthday was rather enjoyable, I believe. Much of the memory is a little muddy still! Thank you!

2004-11-17 16:51:02 ET

*GASP!!* My name is Kimberly too!! O___O

I'm sorry, I didn't actually read your post, but that is because I have to leave. ^^'

2004-11-18 03:40:27 ET

Yesss! Just like the original pink power ranger!
It's sad that I know that.

My post is almost a month old. I don't expect anyone to read it, honestly. hah

2004-11-18 13:49:46 ET

I KNOW! I used to watch that show, too.

I didn't notice it was that old. ^^'

2004-11-19 05:06:20 ET

It may be an old post but still..Good to know you are appreciated <3

I am in Japan at the moment,and they actually still have power rangers on TV here.It is awesome.My favourite was the hot dude..I think he was red.

2004-11-19 05:44:42 ET

Very true :)

All that they play on TV here is Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers now. I think they're like intergalactic heroes or something. Who knows?
I haven't seen the original show since I was in 6th grade, but I do recall that the hot guy was the red one.

2004-11-19 05:49:18 ET

ahuh..and i think his name was Tommy??and the asian was yellow..ironic really.

2004-11-19 11:57:58 ET

Mmmm yeah. Jason. *basks in the Jasonness*

...I can't believe I still remember that name! O_O Come to think of it, I remember all of their names... Tommy was the green one, the one that was evil for a little while, and then he and Kimberly had a "thing" going. ^_^ ....And wasn't the yellow ranger black? Iesha, or however you spell that?

The last revolution of the Power Rangers world that I recall seeing was back to dinosars. They went from dinoes to animals to outer space to ninja to god knows what else...and now they newest incarnation (I think) is back to dinosars. ....Dear god, how do I know that? Oo

2004-11-20 18:04:53 ET

you kids and your' cartoons.... wait... what am i saying...
i love cartoons.

2004-11-22 03:52:01 ET

I can't get enough of the tooooons.

I don't understand why they need to be intergallactic and fight aliens or dinos or whatever the do? If I were still young I would be happy with the same ol' Power Rangers.
I was a little let down when they started changing actors/actresses but kept the show going though.

2004-11-22 07:54:46 ET

Me too. I got angry when they switched out my characters. Especially when that new girl replaced Kimberly, and started moving in on Tommy. I was like "noooooooooooo you evil, evil lady!!"

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