why study when you can cry?
2004-12-15 14:41:45 ET

My parents, who I rarely see because of class and work, drove an hour to pack up my sister's stuff and move her into an apartment not too far away today. I talked to them Saturday and told them I would be home. They have my phone number. They know where I fucking live. But they can't call or stop by or acknowlege me at all?
I called my dad to see if they were in town at 7P and he said "Oh, uh, we're in Montrose. We're almost home. I didn't even think to call you while we were there." I reminded him we talked on the phone Sat and yada yada and that my sister said he had to drop something off to me and said "oh yeah I have some thing you left in my Jeep. I didn't even think to come by."
Thanks Dad. I love you too.

Maybe I just won't think about coming home for Christmas?

Screw you family.

2004-12-15 15:16:00 ET

that sux! are they mad at you for some reason?

2004-12-15 15:38:14 ET

As far as I knew everything was well in Familyville.

There's always been times when they have come to town to pick up/drop off my sister at her dorm room [we go to the same college] and they haven't stopped by. But it's usually because they're in a hurry or it's late. But they always stop if they're in town for a few hours. I just don't get why my dad would say he'll call and stop in then not do it.

2004-12-15 15:56:07 ET

yeah, that's pretty weird, unless he forgot or something. kinda hard to do, but you never know.

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