I'm just one day closer to death.
2005-01-15 14:33:23 ET

whoa hoa hoa.

While sitting on the bus the other day it occured to me that this semester is really my last at MSU. For a brief moment I was excited but then I thought of all the normal little things that come along with being a student here and I was saddened. No more CATA bus rides, freezing cold walks from building to building between classes, or those rare absolutely beautiful days when all I want to do is just wander around campus taking in the view. And even though some of those things really suck ass[like class and bitter cold winter days] I will miss them. The place I've called "home" for 5 years and many of the people I have met will just become another chapter in the history of my life. Just as high school and moving away from home I grew up in have. I'm not sure why moving ahead makes me so sad. I think it has to do with not knowing what lies ahead. I'm nervous.

Senior yearbook pictures are next week. aha. I hate having my picture taken. I always look like ass.

2005-04-04 19:25:47 ET

haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa assss face :D

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