2005-07-18 08:24:21 ET

I haven't been posting here lately. Of course, it's going the same way with my livejournal. I really only post regularly in that because I paid for it, but most of the posts are silly little rants or absolutely pointless.

I've been feelin' a little down lately. I haven't seen or even talked to a couple friends that I used to see on a regular basis now that I've moved and graduated. Some of those people are moving quite a distance away soon so I should contact them. Thing is, I dont' really want to. What I really want to do is be alone. I want to go to bed early and wake up early and go outside and take long walks before it gets unbarebly hot outside. Since when did Michigan have fucking humid 90+ degree highs every damn day anyway? I don't want to drive 80 miles to see Jeff then 80 miles home the next morning to only have spent roughly 5 hours with him awake and 7 hours sleeping next to him. I love him but I love being able to afford groceries and pay bills and not having to spend $20+ each week for gas just to drive there.
Speaking of bills...I just got mine from Cingular and my balance for the month was a ri-fucking-diculous $250. That's $200 in excess of my normal bill and a quarter of what I make in a month.
That brings me to another thing I'm down about- my job. There are high schoolers that make more per hour than me doing easier jobs. Nobody gives a fuck about my degree, it seems, so I haven't even gotten a damn interview for any of the jobs I've applied for.

I need to sell everything I own and move into a shack in the mountains.
And nobody is comng with me.

2005-07-18 08:49:27 ET

i love you and i will find your shack and stalk you if you leave me here. hahah <3

2005-07-18 18:26:48 ET


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