feed me seymour!
2005-08-29 11:59:00 ET

It's my first day at LCC. It sucks.
I thought I wanted to go back to school but secretly I didn't.
I have to take Orgo. so there's no sense in just quitting but I'm undecided about the environ. tech. class about sampling and instrumentation.
I'm going to class today to see if it will be any fun, then I'll decide to drop or not.

I miss having my mom taking my 'first day of school' picture standing out in the front yard in my new clothes and shoes with my cool new back pack. Mostly, I miss the lunch money. I'm starving.

2005-08-29 12:20:46 ET

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM i've been sitting on the couch crying since i got home cause i miss you. come home! i cant speak spanish :(

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