ohh yes.
2006-01-04 07:54:52 ET

I have felt so crummy as of late.
I feel like a wandering soul. I wake up and go to work or piddle around the apartment. I have no hobbies. I watch TV most of the day when I could be searching for a job or doing all the odds and ends that keep piling up. In a way I feel like I'll have time to do it later and that I deserve to take a break. I don't. Aside from the two classes I took, for laughs, at the Comm College in the fall, I haven't done shit else but work since I graduated from MSU last May.
That's why I'm making the following resolutions, and I'm giving myself until the end of the week to come up with a plan of action then it's 'go' time.

1. Find some damn motivation.
2. Begin my new job search.
3. Get some exercise.

2006-01-04 08:09:32 ET

want to find me some motivation too? i'll exercise with you, homeskillet!

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