this is a fo' real post!
2006-04-26 20:17:07 ET

Just because I'm unskilled at journal entering doesn't mean I should be threatened, Jolie.

I'm questioning just how angry I really am with my parents. According to my sister they feel I'm going to amount to very little. Just because I'm not going to dental school like my little princess of a younger sister [who is almost 21 and has yet to pay ANY of her own bills or even have a job] and I'm not going to be a doctor, like mommy always wanted, doesn't mean I won't have a fulfilling career and live comfortably.
I'm only 23, I have a BS in Engineering and I'm planning on going back for a Master's. Honestly, I think they shouldn't give up hope until I'm 30 and living in their basement. Seeeewiously.

I think I'm still pretty pissed.

One day Jolie and I are going to live in a trailer on 8 mile in the D, adopt 47 cats and throw them at anyone who comes to our door.

2006-04-27 01:48:21 ET

we can't throw cats, that's inhumane. besides, grenades work better. hahaha

2006-04-27 20:35:40 ET


2006-04-28 07:37:32 ET

but i am le tired... well take a nap then fire zee missiles!

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