2006-05-01 19:25:57 ET

Allergies sucks ass.

Please, please, please, let it rain soon!

2006-05-01 20:56:00 ET

We have enough rain here for everyone.

*sending you some*

2006-05-02 08:13:06 ET

It worked!! YESS!
The rains came this morning! hah

2006-05-02 12:41:51 ET

DAMMIT! if it's gonna rain, it should at least be a good thunderstorm pour-a-thon and none of this sissy drizzle stuff... lol

2006-05-02 12:43:47 ET

I only sent you a bit.

*sending you more*

2006-05-02 12:51:12 ET

lol! thanks :P

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