2006-05-11 20:28:37 ET

Just a quick little update.
I did my nails tonight (french manicure fakies) so I'm still getting used to typing with claws!

I got into my grad certificate program...and now I'm considering switching into a similar Master's program in the winter. haha
I'll still be able to earn the grad certificate and get a Master's like I've wanted all along!

Also, I interviewed for some temporary work in the Flint, MI Delphi plant that is being shutdown at the end of this year so I may get the chance to make some good money before school starts this fall. The only downside- living with my parents while I work there. I haven't lived under their roof in 6 years so it will definitely be weird. Luckily, my new apt and my bf's place will be only an hour from the plant so I could go either place if I please.

Time for bed, I've been up waaay too long today.

2006-05-12 01:55:32 ET

hey hot mama, nice nails... wanna fuu... uhm... lol

2006-05-12 01:58:12 ET

ps - i are SOOO tired this morning :(:(

piggy says hi as she plops her bum down on my keyboard and starts purrrring

2006-05-12 07:56:37 ET

piggy greeted me with a stomping after you left this morning

2006-05-12 13:05:04 ET

AWWWWW SHE'S SO SWEEEEEET. it took me 1.5 hours to get home today. UGH

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