New apartment, new city, new job.
2006-07-12 10:00:33 ET

We're all moved into the new apartment in Novi. There are boxes full of crap EVERYWHERE and I haven't the slightest urge to unpack them.

From what I have already unpacked I have discovered that the roomie that didn't move to Novi with Jolie and I nabbed a bunch of my forks and the cords that connect my vcr and dvd player to the tv. I'm pretty peaved about the silverware. I got it from my Nana after she passed away.
I'm waiting on one last bill from the old apartment so I can let her know how much $$ she owes me and inquire about my lost goods.

I started a new job the other day. So far, I'm liking it. I've been cashiering for the past 2 days and tonight I have to Sales Floor School since that is where I'll be working.

I need to get of my ass. I've done absolutely nothing all day.

2006-07-12 10:44:43 ET

sell her stuff

2006-07-12 14:13:49 ET

way to update hoebag!

i miss you and mah babies

2006-07-15 22:57:50 ET

If only I had things of hers to sell. Lord knows she has plenty of mine!

oh, yeah, and Jolie...way to call me a hoebag, hoebag.

2006-07-16 01:53:02 ET

take it

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