I am so lazy.
2003-02-04 18:48:21 ET

I was so productive today when it didn't come to school work anyway. Egh.

The monthly Wine sale started today so i had to deal with all the sale signs when i went into work earlier. a shit-load came up missing. it created this big ass mess. I told my manager and he said he is "going to make some phone calls."
heh. i hope someone gets fired. that would be sweet, but it won't happen. nobody that high up in the meijer food chain gets fired for anything. one could rape and pilage large cities, kill kittens, burn Bibles, and pee on homeless people and STILL be employed by Meijer. it's stupid.

i have to do hw. quit interrupting me!
hehe :D

2003-02-04 18:52:37 ET

i dig your avatar. it's hilarious. oh, and um...so you're saying that even i could keep a job there?

2003-02-05 16:21:19 ET

thanks :)

as long as your extracirricular activities include things such as running Nigerian prostition rings, instilling fear into the hearts of small children causing them to have reoccuring nightmares and uncontrollable bedwetting, and mass genocide, then yes, i'm sure you could keep a job with Meijer.


2003-02-05 18:10:55 ET

dammit..i do strike fear into the hearts of children.

2003-02-05 19:33:38 ET

you're hired.

2003-02-11 17:15:51 ET

stupid dummy
one day i was brushing my teeth in class and my teacher said BRAK! why are you brushing your teeth in class?
am i right or am i right or am i right....

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