2003-02-11 17:37:00 ET

I just had a mild heart attack.
I went to my sk page and my evil ninja's insult of the day didn't pop up. So, I try to go to the webiste-It's not there! :O I had heard the site might be shutting down so i freaked out and cried like a baby. then, I went to www.masterninja.com and to my surprise-It's just down for upgrades. They're coming back!

I am overwhelmed with joy.

Anukis is running a-muck. amuck. amuk. a mok. hm. nevermind.

2003-02-11 17:45:09 ET


Main Entry: amok
Pronunciation: &-'m&k, -'mäk
Function: noun
Etymology: Malay amok
Date: 1665
: a murderous frenzy that occurs chiefly among Malays

i believe you are mistaken about my precious angel cat. :P

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