lucky me.
2003-02-13 08:11:06 ET

Which Piercing are you?

2003-02-15 20:27:16 ET

you spelled incompetence wrong :D

2003-02-16 10:47:51 ET


that's how the cool kids spell it.

2003-02-16 17:30:41 ET

you know i love you.
i'm practicing for when i'm a teacher. yeah, thats its. :P

2003-02-18 15:19:55 ET

i'm going to send my children to which ever school you teach at.
then you could give me all the dirt on what they're doing AND they'd be good spellers.

dude, your cat is licking her ass.

2003-02-18 18:27:47 ET

maybe her butt itches.
i'd lick my butt if i could. hahahahaha
your kids cant be in my class cause i'd pick on them for having you as a mom. LOL

2003-02-19 16:02:39 ET

well...they'd pick on you for being my friend.

2003-02-19 17:11:51 ET


2003-02-20 16:28:38 ET


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