left, right, left, cha cha cha!
2003-02-22 18:58:48 ET

i woke up feelin' rather crummy today. :(
i called in to work and slept till 2:30pm. :)
then i went home. got stuck in accident traffic. the usual 50min drive took 2hrs. I was angry. But, my mom and dad gave me this cute little teddy bear for V-Day and some candy. My mom even go me some $$. That's always good.

I think I almost died on the way home 2455645 times.
WTF is up with this SNOW BULLSHIT?!?!
It was in the 40s thurs and fri, and now SNOW!?
I'm going to bed.

2003-02-22 19:22:33 ET

wake up!!!!!!!!!

2003-02-22 19:41:37 ET

yeah. i was thinking of adding you to my buddy list for arbitrary reasons but now im rethinking it.

2003-02-22 19:44:08 ET


2003-02-22 19:48:29 ET

i did so anyway.

2003-02-22 19:50:27 ET

now you are among the select people for me to bother.

2003-02-22 19:50:54 ET


2003-02-22 19:54:21 ET

*insert Minor 2nd intervals*

2003-02-22 19:55:05 ET


2003-02-22 19:59:20 ET

i think its safe to assume shes asleep.

2003-02-22 20:00:23 ET

yeah she is. she wont let me in her room

2003-02-23 08:03:14 ET

epsilon>> i feel so honored.

jolie>> you could have come in, but i was sleeping. Dead actually.

2003-02-23 18:11:39 ET

awake and with a new background now.

2003-02-24 04:10:09 ET

i got bored. :)

2003-02-24 13:05:49 ET

creativity sparks!!

2003-02-24 13:09:53 ET

creativity slaps me in the ass every once in a while, and i just happen to create something new/interesting.

2003-02-24 13:12:55 ET

like the 70's inspired bert and ernie backgrounds. hey were did you get your killer shirt?

2003-02-24 18:47:14 ET


i love their shirts. except they didn't accept my t-shirt idea. :(

2003-02-24 18:50:50 ET

what was it?

2003-02-24 18:54:11 ET

a shirt that says: I WILL resort to violence

2003-02-24 19:00:32 ET

thats a good one

2003-02-24 19:06:20 ET

I know! I'm going to make one for myself one day and everyone will be jealous.

2003-02-25 11:46:56 ET

i will make me jealous.
i like the poser for hire one.

2003-02-25 16:15:18 ET

I like the "your little princess is my little whore" shirt. it makes me laugh so hard. i told my bf to get it. my dad would kill him if he saw it. hahahh

2003-02-26 18:46:57 ET

yeah. the music minor one isnt very friendly either.

2003-02-26 18:58:05 ET

i'm not fond of that one.

2003-02-26 19:06:24 ET

me neither. i like the school shooting one though very funny. not very popular though.

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