piss nudles.
2003-02-28 06:24:14 ET

i got bored, decided i'd dye my hair, plum colored. my scalp is flaming red. haahah

2003-02-28 08:10:31 ET

Say plummm....plummmm.....plum pudding pie, plum pudding pie

(strawberry shortcake: strawberry rap)

2003-02-28 09:09:59 ET

HEY! i finally got out of bed and you're not here! :O

2003-02-28 11:23:25 ET

red huh?

2003-03-01 15:45:22 ET

yeah. hehe plummmm.
but for some reason it's blotchy. i have to re-dye it. i've never had this problem before, never missed big chunks. that will teach me to buy hair dye from the clearance rack! haha

2003-03-01 18:17:59 ET

can't blame it on that, mine was clearance and i'm not spotty :D

2003-03-01 18:22:47 ET

eff u.

2003-03-01 18:25:24 ET

you know it's my mission in life to burst everyones bubble. :)

2003-03-02 10:52:54 ET

that's why i love you.


2003-03-02 15:14:12 ET

haha, what are you doing wednesday? nothing? you're coming with me to detroit. WOO!

2003-03-02 17:02:51 ET


2003-03-02 17:03:18 ET

remember that african song i always made you listen to?

2003-03-02 17:14:20 ET


2003-03-03 05:49:23 ET

never been to detroit. i hear they make cars there.

2003-03-03 07:44:01 ET

haha. naaaaaaaaah.

2003-03-03 09:52:24 ET


2003-03-03 17:41:06 ET

detroit is ghetto. haha

2003-03-04 05:33:21 ET

any KFC'S?

2003-03-04 15:54:30 ET

white castle.

2003-03-05 03:08:01 ET


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