Foster's Australian for piss
2003-03-02 17:05:43 ET

I'm at Jeff's right now. he's a big nerd and plays video games rather than paying attn. to his girlfriend. i guess that's why i like him. :P

blah blah blah...

2003-03-02 17:07:23 ET

Thats what I call high standards :x

2003-03-02 17:13:04 ET

jeff is my hero. haha

2003-03-02 17:15:15 ET

he's a dork.
he said, by playing video games he was giving me a chance to read my book. lol

2003-03-02 17:56:22 ET

haha tru dat

2003-03-03 17:43:03 ET


jeff is doing an interview right now. it's cute. lol. i'm creepin' in the middle of it.

2003-03-04 05:39:49 ET

i would do both a the same time. play wideo games with my girlfriend. maybe thats why i havent had one in 15 months...

2003-03-04 08:39:35 ET

what is he doing an interview for?
when are you coming home?
that bitch made me sick. *hack*cough*gag*

2003-03-04 15:57:01 ET

it's I-week. and the pledges have to interview with so many brothers and one of the guys asked Jeff to interview him.
i am home. where are you tuna face?
kill her.

2003-03-04 18:17:58 ET

oh. i was at work bitchface. :)

2003-03-05 03:07:31 ET

dude. both of our avatars are eyes!!
E started a trend!

2003-03-05 12:27:10 ET

for real.


2003-03-06 10:07:53 ET


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