bah-bah-ba-bah ba-bah-bah-ba-bah!
2003-03-26 15:26:35 ET

if only i were a super-heroin with a cool theme song.

jolie and mike went out to dinner tonight. they looked fabulous, the two of them.
i on the other hand sat on the couch with the fatty mew and napped.
it was wonderful.
i have to do hw now though. bah.
and laundry. :(
i'd pay someone $$$ to do my laundry for me.

i was cornered by some Mormons the other day.
kind kids, quite pushy though.
they just didn't want to except that i just don't mesh well with religion. lol

i have mass exams next week.
i should start studying now.
statics, statistics, AND accounting.


2003-03-28 17:44:32 ET

we did look pretty damn cute. lol

2003-03-28 17:45:18 ET

and i don't appreciate you referring to her as "the fatty mew"... she's BIG BONED! haha

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