will werk for füd
2003-03-29 06:01:53 ET

i need a new job.
one that pays the bills.
one that might even allow me to save money.
somebody hire me.

2003-03-29 19:11:48 ET

just wait til we move, we'll have CASH FLOW baby! no more effing 84276584768 million dollar bills.

2003-03-30 18:03:21 ET

woo! :)

jeff is going to try to get me an internship at gm this summer, and Susan w/ Viviano wine company told me that the Big Ten Party Store chain where her mom works needs big help. I'm going next week to interview w/ them. They'll actually be able to give me 40hrs a week in the summer. my 16hrs at Meiejr just aren't cutting it.

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