The female lion does 90% of the hunting.
2003-04-04 12:05:00 ET


I hate cold cold rain with a passion, and today was no exception. I had to trekk 'round our stinkin' huge campus getting poured on most of the day. It sucked.
I'm finally done with this hell-ish week.
I hate exams. bah!

jeff is coming to see me. :) We're supposedly going to see A Man Apart tonight. I'm excited. I'm gona hump Vin Diesel's leg one day, he just doesn't know it yet.

I went and talked to the Engineering Arts advisor today. Looks promising. Everyone cross their fingers and hope i get accepted! :)

2003-04-04 12:08:01 ET


2003-04-04 12:13:35 ET

Hey. Naked girl. Nobody asked you.

2003-04-04 12:13:56 ET


2003-04-04 12:48:49 ET

HEY! i'm not naked i'm in a towel

2003-04-05 16:52:16 ET

you know there are this breed of lions that dont have any mains? so you cant really tell the girls from the boys. but the guys kinda have these sideburn deals.

i saw it on animal planet earlier today

2003-04-05 17:28:56 ET

i like animal planet. but i don't have cable/satellite. :(

2003-04-05 17:36:41 ET

i wish i could grow sideburns

2003-04-05 18:12:59 ET

neither do i. but i was at my friends house who DOES have one of those. i really cant stand tv most of the time but its really wonderful on occasion.

ive alwasy had some sort of fantisy about growing mutton-chops

2003-04-05 18:13:13 ET

maybe if i were canadian

2003-04-05 20:09:44 ET


2003-04-05 22:14:08 ET

sweet canadian mullet

2003-04-06 03:56:14 ET


2003-04-06 04:33:07 ET

mike and jeff should grow a) huge sideburns b) mullets (with spiked hair on top, circa 1980's) c) both!

i would marry him right then and there. haha

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