can you hear the crickets chirping?
2003-04-18 18:03:06 ET

one more week of classes. yesssss!!
hah that was so geeky. not! i mean, psyche!

my suspicions were correct- i'm smart.
took the MENSA workout test today.
apparently, i have a great chance of passing the MENSA test.

i found the best book last night at Barnes & Noble. it was a self-improvement book on how to do nothing and accomplish everything. i flipped through it and found myself quite enlightened. the varying font sizes and multitude of colors made it extra sweet.
as i was saying- i was enlightened. i have made it a point from now on to do NOTHING atleast 5 times a day, 5 minutes each time. let me specify what i mean by nothing- i really do mean nothing. absolutely nothing at all. i will sit and concentrate on one thing, one item, one object, when my mind starts to wander i will quickly revert back to concentrating on this object. i will allow my unconscious mind do all the thinking. my hope, as this book led me to believe, is that after this period of doing nothing i will be able to go back to work or go on with my day or project and everything will become clear; my problems will be solved with much more ease.
well, we'll see how it works.

::uncomfortable silence::

i'm not that mean. am i?
spatykis: So what are you doing at home on a friday night, dork!
spatykis: hahaha.
KimberlyES15: waiting for your mom.
spatykis: ooo
KimberlyES15: it's strip poker night.

2003-04-18 18:30:56 ET

who's spatykis? are you cheating on my mom? you're such a SLUT.

2003-04-18 18:35:34 ET

No, she's playing too.

2003-04-18 18:38:10 ET

His name is spelled Beau? How odd. Is it short for something? Beauregard?

2003-04-18 18:43:00 ET


Beau Stephen Troychak.

2003-04-18 18:45:36 ET

you do realize that we are sitting 20 feet apart from each other right?

2003-04-18 18:57:42 ET

Bo. Beau. Bow. Boe. hmm.

yeah i realize you're over there.

2003-04-18 20:05:48 ET

atleast you think of me from time to time.

::sings:: think of meeee think of me fondlyyy when we say goooodbyyyye

2003-04-18 20:09:04 ET

hahaha. shut your pie hole. :D

2003-04-19 10:56:53 ET

i hate to burst your bubble, but i got the same score on the mensa thing, and we all know i ain't cut out for mensa :P

2003-04-19 19:28:56 ET

i think they give everyone the same score.
those mensa people are lazy.

2003-04-19 19:41:42 ET

hahahaha. i've heard they're stupid too. :P

we should start our own smarty pants club.

2003-04-19 19:58:34 ET

we can call it WASAYS.
We Are Smart And You Fucking Suck
the "fucking" part is like the "of" in United States of America.

2003-04-19 20:10:17 ET


you put too much thought into that.

2003-04-20 04:19:04 ET


2003-04-20 05:44:39 ET


2003-04-20 05:51:21 ET

2003-04-20 14:38:01 ET

hahahaha. thats sexy.

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