Anything can happen child. Anything can be.
2003-05-08 15:34:36 ET

OOooh sweet sweet dsl. 'Bout time.

All moved into the new apartment with the Jolie-nator & the Mew Monster, who is sleeping in a pile of my clothes right now. What a helpful little kitty.

My summer semester class starts this coming Tuesday. bah. Hopefully, it will be semi-easy.
I started a new job this past Tuesday, at Big Ten Party Store. It's a local chain of stores. Surprisingly enough half the people I work with are college students at State. I figured would be working with a bunch of high school students.

I should go do something. I'm restless.

2003-05-08 18:04:19 ET

your blurry stars make my head spin O_o

mewberry is most helpful at knocking over plants, holding down piles of laundry, and eating everything on the floor.

2003-05-08 18:12:48 ET

i second that.

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