In your dreams.
2003-05-18 19:44:10 ET

The colors on my page are almost nauseating. They're great! ahah.
My last day at Meijer was today. yay! :)
I've had the strangest dreams lately.

The other day I dreamt I put up an advertisement to start an adult soccer league. I figured nobody would come and kinda gave up on the thought. I felt like I had failed. Dream over.
Two nights ago I had the same dream but this time it continued. People showed up to play soccer, most were older women 50s-60s, then we boarded a bus to go home and everyone was praising me for starting this league. "This is so great! THank you!" and "I haven't had the chance to play in so long! This is the most wonderful thing!" etc. I kept feeling this overwhelming sense of fulfillment and happiness. The end.

Last night I had a dream that me and a friend had to be somewhere for a meeting of some sort in the next town over. Rather than getting a ride or driving we figured we would walk. We lived in a small dirty village in the middle of nowhere and for some reason we weren't wearing shows only thin slippers. After dodging traffic through small streets we had to walk through this long field, it was muddy, and for some reason there was a large pink flamingo blocking our passage that we had to avoid we then had to walk down a very rocky dirt road then climb this HUGE almost wall-like hill the walk up wasn't bad but going down was most difficult. We had to climb down slowly using tree branches to hold on becuase we would surely fall to our death if we didn't. Then we were all of a sudden passing through a house/building where a rather creepy man kept offering us tainted candy. After leaving and shutting the door behind me we had reached our destination. Once again, like the previous dream, I felt very accomplished like i had done a great thing. The end.

Strange. I can't make sense of it. hm.

My cold medicine is making me drowsy. *yawn*

2003-05-18 19:49:38 ET

Dreams are crazy and meds are sumtimes fun...

2003-05-18 19:51:43 ET

you are going to win the lottery and then have a horrible divorce.

2003-05-19 07:06:17 ET

S>> meds are always fun, especially the extra strength ones. heh

E>> sweet! I could handle winning the lottery. I'd have to get married to get divorced. I'd make him sign a pre-nup. hehe

2003-05-21 04:06:38 ET

sweet. save him the embarrasment. And then he'll regret it forever.

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