snot snot snotty snot.
2003-05-21 08:13:57 ET

i wasn't aware my body could produce so much...eeww.

i called in sick to work today. i feel bad since i just started. :\ luckily, they found someone to cover me. I owe him big. It's probably best i didn't go in considering i really don't know whether i have a cold(or something worse) or if it's allergies. I wouldn't want to contaminate any of the customers subs or pizza or get any co-workers sick.
NO medication is helping.
I can't breathe through my nostrils.
holy hell.

Remember those YUCK stickers with that horrible loooking yuck-smiley that you were supposed to put on household chemicals and other poisonous shit?

Those were sweet. I need some.

2003-05-27 04:06:22 ET

allergies suck, everyone thinks your sick when your really healthy

2003-05-27 19:03:54 ET

i was rather sure i was dying.
haha. okay, not really, but i'm FINALLY feeling better. :P

2003-05-27 19:29:34 ET

good. that means the disease is preparing for the second wave of attack

2003-05-28 04:30:20 ET

oh boy.

2003-05-28 20:39:36 ET

best to arm your self with portable kleenex.

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