hold me.
2003-06-08 14:06:05 ET

somebody stole my left shoe.
this really is a serious issue. i love my shoes. each and every pair. all 50-some.

wow. i am a dork. haha

2003-06-08 14:07:54 ET

i love shoes! i wish i had more.

evil shoe thieves!

2003-06-08 14:22:09 ET

I love shoes too!!! What girl doesnt?? I mean really...

2003-06-08 14:24:06 ET

one can never have enough shoes!

2003-06-08 14:24:47 ET

Never... :)

2003-06-08 14:32:53 ET

it's found! it's found! the little bugger was hiding on me.

2003-06-08 14:33:37 ET

i will never have enough shoes.

maybe it's a disorder or something?

2003-06-08 14:36:40 ET

you are dumb.

i mean...

i love you.

i mean...

go die.


2003-06-08 14:37:12 ET


2003-06-08 14:38:22 ET

we'll see how you feel when one of you shoes "mysteriously" comes up missing.

and i will not go die thank you.

2003-06-08 14:47:51 ET

touch my shoes and i'll break your face. BAH!

2003-06-08 14:49:48 ET

I <3 my boots

2003-06-08 14:53:25 ET

fabulous boots!

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