For me!?
2003-06-12 10:19:42 ET

I just received a package! yay! :)
I love getting packages, letters, etc.

How fun! Lotions and bodywashes and makeup and tangerine lip gloss galore! Woohoo!
They even sent me free stuff. Free stuff rocks my world!

Well, I believe it is nap time.

2003-06-12 14:41:19 ET

is all that perfume and soap from people trying to suggest something?

2003-06-12 15:05:20 ET

hahaha no. the package was some stuff i order from avon.

2003-06-12 19:23:01 ET

ah. oooh expensive.

2003-06-13 21:42:18 ET

but you get a free gift when you spend $40! :D

2003-06-14 18:56:50 ET

what is it?

2003-06-14 19:34:02 ET

a log.

heh naw, just some makeup and a carrying case

2003-06-14 19:35:53 ET

that better and lighter than a log i suppose and more combustable!

2003-06-14 19:38:04 ET

a log would be quite a hefty item to ship.
i should mail someone a log. would you like one?

2003-06-14 19:44:34 ET

PO box 1734
huron CA, 93234

2003-06-14 19:47:23 ET

i don't think it will fit in your box.

2003-06-14 19:51:39 ET

oh dont worry
they'll figure it out

2003-06-15 13:10:26 ET

alrighty. i'll get in the mail asap. hehe

2003-06-15 18:22:36 ET


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