When evil reigns I will be your queen
2003-06-15 21:02:36 ET

The following? An AIM convo I just recently had with a friend of mine.
Why? Who the hell knows?
My conclusion? I should get out more.

Kim: i think i'm going to hit the hay i've been up for waaaay too long
Jason: never
Jason: hahahaha
Kim: to bed
Jason: bye
Jason: good nite
Kim: this is where my theme song starts
Jason: hahahah
Kim: as i fly off into the nite
Kim: duh nuh nuh
Kim: evil will never claim defeat
Kim: or soemthin...
Jason: hell yeah
Kim: rolll the credits
Kim: evil villianess: kim
Kim: produced by: kim
Kim: story board by: kim
Kim: music by: kim
Kim: sounds affects: kim
Jason: casting by jason
Kim: costume: kim
Kim: makeup: kim
Jason: producing by jason
Jason: kep grip jason
Kim: stunts: kim
Kim: choreographer: kim
Jason: oooooo stunts
Kim: best boy: kim
Jason: boy????
Kim: girl?
Jason: there you go
Kim: pyrotechnition: kim
Kim: figure skating double: jason
Jason: damn you
Kim: hahhahha
Jason: lol
Kim: ŠKImagination Studios, 2003

2003-06-15 21:06:08 ET

go to bed asshole. hahahaha.

2003-06-15 21:07:55 ET

Eff. Ewe.

I meant that in the nicest way possible. <3

2003-06-15 21:08:42 ET

YAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGH MATEY! If we had a plank, you would SO be walking it, biatch!

2003-06-18 18:30:16 ET

*cracks up*

I can only imagine the insanity that reins in the Kim/Jolie household...

2003-06-18 18:31:51 ET

we just sit in our seperate rooms and insult each other via AIM, lol

2003-06-18 20:20:45 ET

insanity isn't the word for it. lol

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