Heart Transplant
2004-05-14 08:31:45 ET

So yesterday my heart jumped out of my chest !! I got a respirator from homedepot and I'm all kinds of excited. It looks all futeristic and cool. Besides that I've been feeling down. I need a car and need to make friends in the surrounding area. I feel like I don't have much but that proably me...I need to keep to it and push on Gerixx always says make lemons into lemonade and I'm trying hard with no friend or anyone right now....

2004-05-14 08:37:37 ET

Where exactly.. do you live?

2004-05-14 12:10:43 ET

westminster, ca

2004-05-14 12:35:56 ET

Well, I'll be living about 10 minutes away in about 2 weeks.... so you'll have another friend close by :)

2004-05-14 15:11:18 ET

awww...and we can go to club toghte Muwha * darling you are to sweet.

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