Army of none
2004-05-26 23:08:40 ET

You ever feel so robbed of your child hood?...I do all the time. I think back to when mom used to lay in her bed crying all night and I lay next to her. It makes me sad to know that she is sad and sometimes I think she is dying in a life to a captor who twist her mind to make himself feel righteous. God, you have shown me the light but have left it to burn me then save me. I cried so many nights to a figure that never even exsited. ..... so much is what goes through my mind in life. My mother told me today to join the army. I thougth about it, at first i said no. But the more I think about it...I think it could help me. I would get two years to travel to Jay in apan and then station. get health benfits. Earn cash that will pay for a car, place to live, and the stuff I want. School be free and I be caught up with living. Them when I get out I get money for school and life and I'm on my road to theater arts. One thin is I hate the army and what they stand for and I feel that I'm going against what I stand for. Plus I can get away from my family and this dead state. I feel that I'm a Chrysanthemum dying with a hand full of others in this state. One where vanity is envloping the life and replacing humanity with more clones.

I apperciate it if people give me their feed back if I should join the air foce or army ??? I feel aslo that I'm an artist and revolutionist not an grunt for a faceless force.

Rasputina- Mr E. Leon Rauis

2004-05-26 23:41:25 ET

I'm an artist. But what do you believe the army stands for. If I remember correctly, it stands for roughly the same as the Navy:

Honor, Courage, Commitment. What you see portrayed in the media tends to be the negative effects (normally of war). It's usually a person who is bringing down the name or the collateral damage of war.

I believe that everyone (at least most) can benefit from serving. Even if you're not serving your country, and if you feel that you're a revolutionary, don't think of it as serving your country, think of it as using your country, or your country serving you. And in the Army you don't have to be a grunt, there are many jobs that they have that can prepare you.

If I may, sorry for the annoyance, but the Creed the Navy stands by (I believe is similar to the army)

I am a United States Sailor
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.
I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.
I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with honor, courage, and commitment.
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

If that sounds like complete malarky and you can't stand by that, then the army would be the fool's choice. If you feel that there is even a semblence of honor in that, then you really need to think about what the military can offer you. Only you can make the choice.

2004-05-27 00:01:39 ET

The education afforded by service in the army is second to none, and payed for by the government. It also helps you with social skills, physical conditioning, and self discipline. It can also help you with improving self-esteem, and spelling/typing/grammer skills.

I say GO FOR IT.

2004-05-27 07:35:43 ET

The Kilted: You lie like the fuzzsy teddy bear who told me that acid was my friend you noodle anus jelly bean figured humnoid penis !! hahah I have to say man I don't agree with the creedo because I should be proud of myself and defend what I believe in. Not live by other standers. Not just that but because I don't agree with the USA and its idealism. I'd defend the constitution when it was made but its been so altered and re-done it does not reflect this day and age also because democerecy is not real. We live in a neo-capitalist society. Where intrest groups by the vote. Yet I do agree the indivual is the one who make the army and we all have our choices. Alot of us make bad ones, and it dipicts the bracnh of enforcment negatively because people think all army and so on are jocks or morrons.

Cavefish: I feel that with self-esteem is a drive and a point of satifaction. We should be content with who we are and how we where born. Yet strive to better ourselves and work harder to achieve what we want in are envy and pride.

2004-05-27 07:36:09 ET

P.S. I'm only messing around with jokes and this is all in freindly talk no bashing or hate I rspect your guys ideas.

2004-05-27 12:57:18 ET

oh, I understand, don't worry.

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